Monday, 27 April 2015

Trueman Bradley - The Next Great Detective

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My new novel, Trueman Bradley - The Next Great Detective, is now for sale on Amazon! Sequel to the popular Trueman Bradley - Aspie Detective. Follow the continuing adventure of Trueman, as he plies his trade on the streets of London.

Thank you Catalin Voss and Yuri Nakagawa for agreeing to be a part of this book.

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Plot Overview:

"Trueman Bradley visits London and sets up shop on Baker Street, in the hopes of becoming the next Sherlock Holmes. Using hints he has derived from the original Sherlock stories, Trueman uncovers the mysterious methods of "The Great Detective" and uses them to solve the mystery of how his grandfather acquired his fortune, as well as helping Scotland Yard to capture a notorious cat burglar. With the help of a few new friends, Trueman learns the value of deduction, imagination and instinct, in detective work, and proves that he has what it takes to become "The Next Great Detective."


In spite of his many talents, Trueman has high functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome, and so he has difficulties interpreting facial expressions and understanding subtle social rules. To compensate for this, he utilizes a variety of wearable tech. One of these gadgets is called Sension, a facial expression recognition app for Google Glass, created by real-world inventor, Catalin Voss. Mr. Voss kindly agreed to have his app mentioned, by name, and utlized by Trueman in his latest adventure, and I thank him for that.

Like many people on the Autism Spectrum, Trueman has very concentrated and intense interests, which help him to stay inspired, and so succeed at his detective work. Being a mathematical genius, he has developed a concept called "mathematical resonance" to help him solve crimes, and emulate his hero, Sherlock Holmes. Anything can have mathematical resonance, including a criminal case, a perfect moment or an artistically perfect photo. As part of his tactics, using resonance to inspire his crime-fighting activities, Trueman needed to have a model who he is obsessed with, because he admires the mathematical and artistic resonance of her modelling work. After examining the work of hundreds of professional models, I determined that only Yuri Nakagawa's work had the artistic and mathematical perfection to inspire a genius, like Trueman. Ms. Nakagawa very kindly agreed to be the object of Trueman Bradley's obsession, and I thank her for that. Over the course of writing the book, I became a great fan of her work, and recommend following her Instagram.

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