Monday, 16 March 2015

Field Guide to Assholes


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Have you ever considered taking up the sport of asshole-watching? Much like bird-watching or a trip to the safari park, asshole-watching can be both fun and educational. And, what is more, a thorough knowledge of assholes--their habits, how to identify them and how to best repel their attacks--is an essential skill to learn, for anyone who hopes to make their way through life, asshole-free. This authoritative field guide will ensure that your asshole-watching experience is as safe and informative as possible, through handy tips and the thorough asshole-related knowledge that can only come from extensive life experience. So, whether you are starting in a new job, in a cut-throat industry, or are planning to re-enter the dating scene, or just want to help an asshole friend to reach a better level of self-awareness, you are going to need a guide. With this handy book, the aspiring asshole-watcher can learn to spot all the different varieties of assholery, just like a pro!

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Thursday, 12 March 2015